Benefits of Facial Treatments.

Benefits of Facial Treatments.

Not only are facials relaxing and feeling pampered, but did you know there are multitude of other benefits of facials?  Next is choosing which types of facial.  What are your goals, what are you looking for and what can you afford?  Last question is how often?

1.  Benefits of facials are:  Some facials are designed to deeply cleanse the skin, which removes toxins caused by pollution, dirt and grim found in our environment.  Also, helps to reduce an overabundance of sebum.  Overproduction of sebum for acne prone clients may increase white, blackheads and cystic acne.  While other facials offers deep exfoliation to even out skin tone.  Some facials are focus on increasing better product hydration with dehydrated skin by fusing the skin with oxygen and layering with a concoction of moisture binding serums and creams and still others help to relieve stress by adding aromatherapy to the treatment.

2.  Next is what type of facial treatments to chose from?  Find an experienced esthetician/skin therapist by interviewing that person or ask friends for referrals.  Some locations may offer a complimentary skin consultation or there maybe a slight fee.  Great time to have a heart to heart discussion with your skin care therapist/esthetician to chose the best treatment for you and your skin.

3.  Some clients have specific goals, luminous glowing skin before their wedding day, a just because treat for themselves, maybe to improve sallow, sagging skin or learn how to manage acne prone skin or how to care for their skin type by going over current skin care regime and products.  Any experienced esthetician can definitely work with the client regardless of your skin types, if not, it’s best to move on.  Costs of facials varies or whether it’s a chain spa or privately own and most importantly the experience of the skin care therapist.  The old saying “you get what you paid for”.

4.  How often should one have facials?  That depends on the person’s budget, goals, time and lifestyle.  Microdermabrasion facials can be every 1-2 weeks, but not before going to topical climate, after a sunburn or one that’s is currently using Retinal, Retinol, thin skin, open sores like acne or chemical peel within the last 6 months.  Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments are very gentle and that can be perform weekly for series of 6 treatments to achieve optimal results.  LED is using healing light therapy to address certain skin issues can be perform daily.  Acne treatments will dependent on the intensity of acne.

Benefits of facials are many, deep cleansing, increase circulation, address certain skin issues, tighten and tone, rebalance acne prone skin, help with anti-aging or offer emotional benefits to relieve stress as well encourage a peace of mind and contentment.  Whatever your reasons for seeking facials…breath, relax and enjoy!