As we enter October we say goodbye to summer and welcome the cool, crisp weather and beautiful colors of fall.  Some parts of the country are lucky enough to have an extended “Indian Summer” and other parts get slammed with the first snow!

While some skin types love the cooler weather, becoming soft and silky, others are not so lucky!  Their skin becomes dull, dry, itchy and flaky with the cool temps. UGH! I am one of those!

One common mistake I see is that many push their sunscreen to the back of the drawer because they think they don’t need sunscreen in the fall, right?  WRONG!  Even though it may be cooler, the sun still takes a toll on our skin if we skip protection.

It’s time to start adjusting your skin care for fabulous fall skin

Humid temps, sweat, chlorine, heavy sunscreen and saltwater may have done a number on your skin from the summer – now that it’s fall it is time to start repairing the summer damage and prepare your skin for the winter by making a few adjustments to your products and routine.

** Depending on your skin type, if you are naturally on the drier side, switch to milky, creamy, soothing cleanser rather than soap or gel cleanser.  This hydrates your skin while gently cleanse at the same time.  If you are on the oily or acne side a gentle gel cleanser without alcohol or witch hazel is ideal.

** Use a gentle exfoliant more frequently to slough off dead skin cells for a healthier glow.  When using a product to exfoliate remember – always be gentle with your skin and avoid exfoliating around your eyes.  Let your skin care therapist take care of that area.  If you use an at home exfoliating brush make sure to be EXTRA gentle.  For those troubled with acne, use the exfoliating brush with extra care, as not to increase irritating breakouts and spread the acne bacteria.  FYI… exfoliate your puckers for smooth silky lips.

**  Change out your summer moisturizer, add a more hydrating moisturizer and invest in a nice, nourishing serum for added protection for colder temps.  This provides a barrier to prevent water loss and has the benefit of adding hydration at the same time.

** Winter is about PROTECTION, PROTECTION, PROTECTION! – Save your skin from harsh wind, sun (yes, I did say sun!) freezing temps and high indoor heat that will suck the moisture from your skin.  Load up on lip balm, lather up your entire body with lotion – even your hands!  I always get a few chuckles but it’s just as important in the winter, so I repeat… SUNSCREEN!

By making small changes to the products you use regularly and your skin care routine you will keep your skin hydrated, glowy, healthy and youthful while you enjoy the change of the seasons!

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