Do you have reactions or sensitivity to skin care products? Very important! Please read!

Skin care products absorb into the bloodstream within 26 seconds.

A client was experiencing allergic hives using an organic facials serum. She did not know why. I read the ingredients in her facial serum; it had organic coco-nut, almond and jojoba oils, among other ingredients.

After doing my CSI skin chat with my client, comes to find out she has nut allergies! Of course, facial products with nut oils are not the best choice for her!

On blood pressure medicine? Be your own CSI of skin care ingredients. Beware of skin care products or shampoo with grapefruit in its ingredients.

Chocolate or honey allergies? Watch out for chocolate masks or royal jelly in moisturizers. Royal jelly is bee pollen!

Please read your ingredients in your skin care products!