Facial treatments

Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments…our most popular!

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials have become the premiere pure oxygen facial for a simple reasons: instantaneous and result driven! It is the only treatment that uses hyperbaric oxygen to deliver serum of low molecular weight of hyaluronic, essential Vitamins A, C & E, botanicals, aloe, antioxidants and peptides. This cooling, anti-inflammatory combination delivers powerful results; skin instantly looks plumper, youthful, even out skin tone and fine lines diminish! This is the best treatment before a special event, photo shoot, wedding or maintaining a youthful look without painful injections or surgery. For optimal results: first 3-5 sessions 2 weeks apart, then monthly maintenance is the KEY to continuing the youthful glow. You will see continuous improvement after your treatment. It’s that AMAZING!


Super concentrated Vitamin C and botanical brighteners help reduce & even out skin tone while revealing a refreshed, radiant and youthful appearance. (Ideal for brides, special event, photo shoot, sun damaged skin, hyper-pigmentation, before and after vacation)
50 minutes $279 / Package of 3 $767
Opulence AND 30 minutes LED lights $309

Opulence II

Opulence with microdermabrasion.
75 minutes $299 / Package of 3 $822
Opulence II AND 30 minutes LED lights $319


This treatment is the ultimate intense hydration. It promotes collagen and elastin production to improve skin texture and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Facelift in a flash without the Botox! Results are instant and continue to improve in the following days. (Ideal for brides, special event, photo shoot, thirsty skin or before and after vacation)
50 minutes $279 / Package of 3 $822
Rejuvenate AND 30 minutes LED light $309

Rejuvenate II

Rejuvenate with microdermabrasion.
75 minutes $299 / Package of 3 $822
Rejuvenate II AND 30 minutes LED light $319

Enhancement to any Oxygen facial

Oxygen and microdermabrasion treatment on your neck and décolletage. They need attention, too!
30 minutes $95 / Package of 3 $261

Naturopathica Facials


This anti-inflammatory, anti-aging treatment instantly firms, tightens and rejuvenates your skin. Specialized massage techniques to help smooth, sculpt and restore skin radiance. This amazing treatment is further enhanced with a luxurious Skin Radiance facial.
90 minutes $229
Brillance AND 30 minutes LED light $259


Your treatment begins with applying aromatherapy on pulse points to start the journey to relaxation. Follow with invigorating deep cleanse and exfoliation. You will feel your stress melting away with relaxing facial massage designed to leave your skin feeling silky smooth, deeply hydrated and glowing. This amazing treatment is further enhanced by a luxurious hand, arm and scalp massage…will leave you feeling absolutely DIVINE!
90 minutes $229
Diva AND 30 minutes LED light $259

Clarity (Mask-Acne)

Designed to address specific needs of acne and skin congestion for teens and adults. This is a great treatment for the occasional breakouts. The Clarity is soothing, calming, nourishing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifies acne skin. In depth consultation prior to starting treatment with closing consultation. Extractions included. Recommends follow-up appointments and purchasing appropriate products to continue the healing process at-home.
75 minutes – $189 / Package of 3 $519
Clarity AND 30 minutes LED light $219

Skin Radiance

Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation of epidermal skin cells, refine skin’s texture by targeting fine lines and wrinkles, minor scarring, minimize clogged pores, age spots, hyper-pigmentations and even out skin tone. I like to call this treatment “a brand new canvas to prep skin for everything else I do afterwards.”  After just one session, this facial can resurface the skin up to 75% and leave your skin up to 100% smoother. It also helps stimulate collagen production for the skin, giving the skin a smoother and more radiant glow. For best results a series of 4-6 consecutive treatments every 2-3 weeks is highly recommended. Contra-indication: sunburn, acne with open pustules or sensitive skin.
60 minutes $189 / Package of 3 $519
Skin Radiance AND 30 minutes LED light $219

Mini Skin Radiance

Instant glow when time is limited. Recommend weekly for a series of 3.
30 minutes $95 / Package of 3 $261
Mini Skin Radiance AND 30 minutes LED light $125

SkinSense Signature

Our SkinSense Signature facial is customized to your unique skin. Treatment begins with a consultation and assessment of your skin. This relaxing experience includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, relaxing facial massage, extractions, appropriate glycolic or enzyme fruit peel, mask and moisturizer. Ideal for first timers or monthly maintenance.
60 minutes $189 / Package of 3 $519
SkinSense Signature AND 30 minutes LED light $219

Rebalance for Men

We will target skin impurities with deep cleanse and exfoliation, extractions if needed, mask to purify, and a stress reducing facial massage is sure to leave your face feeling clean and refreshed.
60 minutes $189

Pure Bliss Bac-cial

When your back needs attention. This journey begins with a soothing deep back cleanse, follow by a vigorous warm exotic, seductive floral Lemongrass Mimosa Scrub. Extractions as needed. As you feel warm steam on your back, an application of luxurious warm Lavender Body Oil is drizzled up and down your spine, follow by gentle shoulder, neck and scalp tension relief allowing you to sink deeper in pure bliss. Excellent for re-balancing oily, acne or dry back.
60 minutes $189

Reflexology Therapy

Enjoy the endless benefits of this “pressure therapy” for your feet or hands or both.
Feet OR Hands 50 minutes $89 / 75 minutes – $109
Hands AND Feet 90 minutes $139

Specialty Treatments

Facial Lymphatic Drainage Session

Stress, allergies, medication, illness, diet, lifestyle may cause fluid retention in your face.  Signs are: puffy under eyes, heavy/droopy eyelids, sinus congestion, acne scars, active acne, heavy/full cheeks or pregnancy.  By using natural remedies such as acupressure, lymphatic drainage massage, applying warm and cool techniques is an effect and safe to remove fluid from the face. Recommended 2-4 consecutive treatments for best results.
50 minutes $95

Tween Facial

Address specific skin care needs specifically between ages 9-12 only. Let’s start your tween on a life long journey to healthy skin care. Includes consultation and education with tween and parent, facial and closing consult to start the tween on a healthy skin care regime.
60 minutes $99
Tween Facial AND 30 minutes LED light $129

Enhancements to any Facial

Neck and Décolletage

Focus on the delicate and often neglected areas of your body. Includes gentle exfoliation, hydrating mask, and massage with lightly scented lotion to reveal newly glowing skin.
30 minutes – $65

Scalp Therapy

A soothing application of Lavender oil worked into the head and scalp providing deeper levels of relaxation.
20 minutes – $35

Eye OR/and Lip Treatment

This intensive treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
5 minutes – $20 / both treatments $35
30 minutes Consultation – $45