Simple Tips for Healthy Lips

Simple Tips for Healthy Lips

What to do to ensure healthy lips?

Exfoliate!  You can use a soft toothbrush or facial towel, facial exfoliant or DIY sugar scrub to gently remove dry skin. 

Healthy Lips

Don’t lick lips as that will dry them puckers up even more!

Apply and re-apply a nice rich lip balm throughout the day.

Find a lip balm with SPF.  Lips get pigmentations and sunburn.

As we age we develop fine lines and wrinkles around our mouth, when you moisturize your face, use your moisturizer around lip area too.

Avoid biting your lips as that may break the delicate skin, causing lips to crack and invite infections.

Avoid ingredients like petroleum…Why?

Petroleum and mineral oil products provide a coating without any nourishment. Therefore, lips remain dry without it. Weird huh? I used to have chapped, cracked, bleeding lips in the winter while using Chapstick or vaseline. Now that I exfoliate every few days or when my lips feel dry, I also use Naturopathica’s nourishing Honey Vanilla lip balm, now I never have the problem as I used too.

Keep your lips in good condition by…gentle exfoliation, nourish, protect and smiling to keep them puckers beautiful!