Reflection and Gratitude

Reflection and Gratitude


I am grateful every day for my family, decent health, amazing group of beautiful, supportive, special people in my life.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my growing business, which in reality is my passion.  Somewhere in my youth and childhood I acquired tenacity and strength to weather through painful, bumpy personal and business times…survived it…came out happier, better and stronger.

My 2 AMAZING children (getting misty eyed) the most beautiful, loving human beings on earth.  They are my strength, light, fight and every breath I inhale.

The love of my life…builds me up when I feel beaten, will never let me fall.  I am loved and cherished!

My mind and heart belongs to someone much younger then my actual age…thank goodness!  LOVE MY LIFE!

I have the most AMAZING people in my life, they are strong, loving, warm, compassionate, giving, caring individuals from all walks of life… I cherish each and everyone!

My business/passion – passion/business…geez where do I start?  Always knew I would be self-employed, didn’t know what, how and when.  Well…I am doing it now!  Loving the ride…enjoying the growth, warms my hearth I am able to help acne clients improve and rebalance their skin! All my AMAZING clients keeps my trucking!  Me…I have the knowledge to help!  Woohoo!  Few favorite client stories here…a client frustrated spending $$$ on skin care products, don’t remember what, why and how to use them… essentially not loving the products.  By educating her on how to use my skin care line and all the sweet benefits, she is now thrilled using her new items!  Or a beautiful young client using Botox for minimal forehead wrinkles (can’t even say the $$$ she spent) poisoning her body with horrible chemicals, because nobody was able to help her…I did, with safer options.  She is a very confident gal now, putting her beautiful flawless face forward.  Very proud of myself!

Growing up wasn’t easy…could have been worst…cup half full rather then half empty, that’s the outlook through experiences in life.  Every experience, every path, every person, every day, is my window to learn and grow…I am truly living life, having a blast and HAPPY!

My wish for everyone is find simple joys all around you…it’s there…dog running against the wind, it’s ears and jaws flopping, watch a stunning colors of a sunrise in the fall, or see pure joy in a young child eating ice cream, a toddler getting their little ears pierced and mom is taking pictures of her…imprint these priceless moments in your mind…that’s joy.

Thank you for following my 2015 journey!

Happy holiday my friends!