“Debbie is seriously a miracle worker!  I have seen her 3 times now and my skin has never looked better.  Two of my appointments were “emergency” appointments when I was getting a lot of blemishes and she spent 1.5 hours with me on my first visit!  Some spas rush you in and out in about 4o mins, but Debbie takes the time to really listen and address your concerns.  I am so glad that I found her!
-Hilary H, West Linn, Oregon

[blockquote cite=”Tiaya, Portland, Oregon” type=”left”]”How crazy! I was upstairs thinking I have to text you…and then you texted me first :).  My feet are fabulous! But, more importantly I woke up this morning and my skin is SO amazing! AMAZING! It is glowing and clear! You are truly gifted – I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done on my skin!”[/blockquote]

“I have been going to Debbie for over a year and I am very impressed with the tremendous amount of care she takes as well as the personalized attention for each facial! My face is ALWAYS glowing and looks and feels wonderful after each visit. I highly recommend Debbie!!
– Marla Ellis, Oregon

[blockquote cite=”Patricia, Portland, Oregon” type=”left”]”I have been receiving facials for many years from a variety of practitioners. I find the treatments have been getting harsher and more painful. Debbie usues a terrific line of organic skin care products that are gentle and thorough. I love her product line! I never feel that harsh burning sensation that seems to have become the norm with other aestheticians. She also takes the time to ask me about my lifestyle and has made recommendations to my skin care routine that are suited specifically to my skin type and activities. She helps me evaluate my routine as the seasons and my activities change. My skin looks and feel great!”[/blockquote]

“I thoroughly enjoyed the facial I had today at the compassionate and skilled hands of Debbie Kho. Not only did she reassure me that I well deserved this special time for myself, but her soothing voice and gentle products knew how to make me feel relaxed. I had a wonderful experience and my skin feels great. In addition, Debbie educated me about care for my particular skin needs. I look forward to using the products Debbie used during my facial.”
-Rosemary Levesque, Beaverton, Oregon

[blockquote cite=”Denise W., West Linn, Oregon” type=”left”]”I don’t get facials on a regular basis, but can understand now after seeing Debbie why one would.  My face had some blemishes that would not budge and now so much unbelievably improved.  I didn’t really think anything could be done, but wow!  The benefits of facials have become clear and finding the right person for the job can be tough.  Debbie is your gal!  She is very knowledgeable in what she does.  You leave feeling so relaxed, refreshed, and clean.  Thanks, Debbie!”[/blockquote]

“I was blown away after my first facial with Debbie, because I went in that day feeling miserable, tired, stressed out and felt like I was fighting off a bug.  When she was through, I had been completely invigorated, revived, refreshed and all signs of a cold had been completely wiped out!  I’ve never had a facial and didn’t know what to expect, so I was quite nervous.  However, Debbie walked me through every step of the process, making me feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered.  She custom tailored the pressure of her touch to match my comfort level and communicated what she was going to do before doing it and in such a quiet, soothing voice.  I felt confident that I could speak up right away if anything she was doing did not meet my 100{d0e9dd2b7f7f77c6b9439fde6e913c4a7d9a2a38e49608c4a07ac89b301b8ed5} satisfaction.  I received a lot of valuable information regarding my skin and how to take care of it.  Debbie used amazing products that made my skin feel brand new again.  I have very dry skin, so it had been itchy for most of the winter now.  After leaving, my skin was the softest I’ve ever felt, hydrated and no longer itchy!  And it has stayed that way for 3 weeks now, thanks also in part to the wonderful product samples she sent home with me that soak into my skin much better now.  Even my makeup goes on smoother and doesn’t go into my fine lines.  I’ve been told I look like I’m 28 when I’m actually 44!  When I first went in to see Debbie, I didn’t realize that not only was I going to get a fantastic facial, but an amazing experience that I will never forget.”
-Sarah. W., West Linn, Oregon

[blockquote cite=”Candi A., Portland, Oregon” type=”left”]”I have had 2 facials from Debbie Kho.  One with her mobile service and the other in her Lake Oswego location.  Both experiences were wonderful!  Debbie is very knowledgeable about all things face and products.  Doesn’t matter if you use her products or bring in your own.  She will help you with anything that you need.  You will be very relaxed with her and her touch.  I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at one point.  She explains everything that she is doing and asks for your input.  Her prices are competitive.  Parking is free and easy to find.”[/blockquote]

“I thoroughly enjoyed my facial with Debbie.  She was prompt in arriving at my house, brought everything she needed, and proceeded to make my Friday afternoon a haven of relaxation!  She is very knowledgable about the products she uses, and is thorough in her explanation of what she is using and why for your skin type. Her products are wonderful, and available for sale directly from her.”
-Marcia, Lake Oswego

[blockquote cite=”Kristine P., Lake Oswego, Oregon” type=”left”]”What an experience!  I have had many facials in my lifetime, but the one I received from skinsense was absolutely amazing!  My face has never felt so smooth and youthful after a facial.  She goes above and beyond in every way possible and asks you questions along the way while providing easy little tips to make your current regimen work better for you.  I really liked that she did not try to sell me product the whole way through as well and her prices are also very competitive.  The setting is very nice and way more than just going to an oridinary salon!  Thanks Debbie, I’ll be back!”[/blockquote]

“Can you imagine getting a facial in the privacy and comfort of your own home? I just had one at my home in Hillsboro. Debbie came prepared and on time with a recliner, rinsing bowls, and a complete line of organic skin care products to tailor the session to MY skin. Before starting the session, she asked me about my skin care concerns, what my daily regime was, and what products I was using. Debbie was careful to tell me exactly what she was doing, which products she chose to use on my face, and to let me know how my skin might feel. The most amazing part of my session was her dry brushing of my arms and hands to clear away the dead skin cells. She then applied oils sealing in the renewed moisture with a lotion. My hands and arms looked years younger and felt soft to the touch, just like my face. Ummm. Debbie is truly a skin “caring” specialist and I personally recommend her.”
-Barbara Rose, Educator

[blockquote cite=”Gail DuBois, Banks, Oregon” type=”left”] “Debbie was absolutely awesome. She is professional and set up an environment so I could totally relax. She also does a wonderful job explaining each step of the facial and how it would benefit me. The best facial I have ever had!  What could be better…and she comes to you!”[/blockquote]

I had an out of skin experience today with my first facial. :) Thanks to SkinSense Mobile Spa, LLC (aka Debbie Fong Kho) for such a wonderful experience, making my skin shimmer, and giving me a permanent smile as I walked out and greeted the day. If you live in the Portland area and want a little nurturing I highly recommend!
-Tara DuBois, Beaverton, Oregon