Benefits of Facial Waxing

Waxing removes the hair from the root, so it takes longer for the hair to regrow again – anywhere from 3-8 weeks depending on the individual. This means you are hair free with smooth skin that lasts much longer. Go for that holiday on the beach and bask in the glory of your enviably smooth and glowing skin without having to worry about body hair showing up in the meantime.

No Skin Damage

In contrast to other methods of hair removal like hair-removing creams and shaving, waxing does not cause cuts, pigmentation, or badly smelling skin. No harsh chemicals are present in wax so the skin is saved from any damaging effects.

Finer and Softer Body Hair

The hair that grows after waxing is of a finer and softer variety, without the sharp edges left after shaving. The best part is waxing will eliminate stubble that shows up days after shaving.

Brows – $15

Lip or Chin – $10

Lip and Chin – $18

Full face (Lip, Chin and Cheeks) – $35

Underarm – $45

Ideally hair growth should be approximately ¼ inch long (3-4 weeks of growth). We do not wax over sunburnt skin, varicose veins, acne or hyper-sensitive skin. The hair grows in cycles. You will see longer lasting results if you are waxed regularly every 4-6 weeks. After about six waxing treatments, you will notice a significant difference in the length of time it takes for your hair to regrow. Additionally, over time the hair should become more silky and fine, rather than course and stubbly like after shaving.


Caution: Waxing skin while on medication may cause skin reactions or skin damage. It is imperative to tell your Esthetician about any medication you are currently taking or have taken within three months. We cannot perform waxing services on any clients using Accutane, Retina A, Retinol, Renova, oral or topical drugs, chemical peel within 8 weeks, Glycolic Acid or Vitamin A. It is recommended to discontinue use of these medications and/or products before having any waxing services for at least two months before waxing can be done in this area.